Designed for the Point Grey Golf and Country Club in Vancouver, B.C. this facility comprised three connected pavilions housing, respectively, a full pro shop, underground cart storage and maintenance/bag storage for 1,000 bags. The project was conceived to form a transition between the built form of the nearby main clubhouse and the landscape of the golf course. Brick piers, timber trellising and metal roof repeat the vocabulary of the main club. Simultaneously, the building is essentially a landscape element - a stepped, low and impenetrable stone wall, built of granite found throughout the course - to the 11th fairway which it borders. This wall extends southward, past the skin of the building, to screen and protect the area between the building and the first tee. The bag storage pavilion is in the form of a half-buried stone planter at one end of the stone wall whose planted green roof replaces the garden which currently exists in this location and presents a green foreground to the view of members in the lounges and on the decks of the main clubhouse. Point Grey Clubhouse Extension