On the periphery of Beijing, near the airport, a number of “Villa” style developments have been built since the beginning of the new economic era in China. Often with names that have been “lost in translation”, these developments, similar in some ways to the “gated communities” of North America, have been built to house foreign executives of the many Western companies now with divisions in Beijing, and the new Chinese executive class. The competition winning Grand Hills project, comprises 70 single family houses varying in size from 3,500 to 5,500 sq. ft., a fully appointed recreation club with guest apartments, convenience store, restaurant, and a nursery school/daycare centre. In addition to completing the Master Plan for approval by local authorities, detailed schematic designs of all of the buildings, including 11 unique house models with variations, were prepared by Matrix. In the evolution of the master plan, with buildings organized along artificial waterways and linear greenways, ways were found to ameliorate rigid orientations dictated by Beijing Planning Laws, to create a more fluid and organic plan. Recreation Club Elevations illustrate the eclectic architectural expression worked out in workshops with the Client, to determine his and the market’s perceived stylistic preferences. Grand Hills Grand Hills Grand Hills