The Planning Process begins with analysis: site analysis, identification of opportunities and constraints, review of regulations, programmatic requirements,…and a vision statement, usually in a narrative form. The information gathered from this analysis can then be synthesized and combined with the vision as narrative into a master plan. The draft plan envisioned in this way establishes planning principles and graphically illustrates site organization, structure, density, built form characteristics, shadow & view impact... This plan may be used as a basis for discussion, negotiation and determination of feasibility. By way of example, three of many plans prepared at Matrix in this way are shown here: Soo Valley This plan for a nearly 900 acre site north of Whistler, B.C., was developed as the basis for discussion and negotiation amongst a variety of stakeholders. South Westminster This visionary plan for the Fraser River Waterfront in Surrey, was prepared for a private individual. It was presented to staff and council and was ultimately strongly reflected in the City of Surrey’s eventual approved plan for this area. Northeast Coquitlam This plan was prepared for Delta Lands Corporation in connection with the submission for a Developer competition. Envisioning Envisioning Envisioning Envisioning