Zhuhai is a city of 1.5 million people located in southern China not far from Macao. Beijing Normal University (BNU) was founded in 1902 as a facility for teacher training in Chinese higher education. Over the past 100 years, BNU has grown into a comprehensive research-based university offering courses in a wide variety of subjects. In 2005 Matrix was commissioned to assist in planning the expansion of the BNU campus at Zhuhai. A complete planning and urban design analysis of the existing campus plan was carried out. A proposal to re-organize the internal circulation system of the campus as a whole was prepared, and a new plan proposed for the primary study area, the 2nd phase of development for the campus. The study area was divided into a number of distinct precincts for which schematic design was done, illustrating the character and structure of each. By way of example, a typical elevation of a schematically designed student residence and thumbnail sketches for one of the precincts are included here. BNU Campus Plan BNU Campus Plan BNU Campus Plan BNU Campus Plan BNU Campus Plan