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Matrix Architecture & Planning

We believe that the purpose of design is simply to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of people, and we are committed to that purpose.

We also believe that design has the power to satisfy profound and seldom-stated human needs — needs for variety, interest, texture, contrast and drama. By meeting these needs, design, like music, has the power to elevate the human spirit and enrich our lives.

We practice design that reflects our culture, contributes to the community, is fiscally, functionally, and environmentally responsible, attentive to physical setting — topography, climate, and landscape — respects its neighbours, and is technically sound. We employ the latest technology, strategies, and methods in our work. While we strive to reflect the contemporary spirit, we recognize that the richness and complexity of our history, our culture, and the various contexts in which we work, demands a flexibility in architectural expression, and the skill to manifest that flexibility in an expert manner. The ability to work in a variety of architectural styles that are appropriate to setting and the aspirations of clients and communities is important in our work.